Una giovane azienda nata dalla collaborazione di professionisti operanti da più di 15 anni nel campo del wedding e dell’entertainment.


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Italian Artists

Soul / Funky / Pop


Known for its various Mediaset and Rai participation talk shows including “All together now”, “The Voice” and “Re per una notte”. He is a truly unique artist, knows very well soul music, rhythm, blues and funk. His warm and unmistakable vocal timbre is enhanced by the sounds of his band, made up of prestigious internationally renowned musicians.

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Soul / Disco / Pop

Vintage Band

A fascinating identity contaminated by Rock, funk, soul, rock sounds but also by the Italian notes mixed with the 80s/90s hits. His live shows are always very exciting and engaging. if you love vintage, this is definitely the band for you!

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Pop / Dance / Funky / Revival

Too Funk

The TOOFUNK band plays a musical show with a personal imprint. The repertoire ranges from the most famous Italian songs and international hits of all time, revisited into a dance & funk key. Dynamic, engaging and very funny.

Rockabilly / Ska / Pop

Toda Joia Band

A long journey through time, discovering the Italian, foreign classics and all the radio hits, completely transformed into a rock / ska / rockabilly key. An explosive and strong live music experience from the beginning to the end.

Dance / Pop / Revival

Mixintime Band

Five musicians who are together since 2000 with the same passion for pop, soul, funky, jazz and the great dance repertoire of the 70s / 80s / 90s, revisited and transformed. Hundreds of live events, which made them starring every year on musical tours at prestigious Italian and international clubs. Their great musical and professional experience translates into a vibrant and engaging show, characterized by a very large repertoire that is constantly updated.

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Rockabilly / Ska / Swing

Over The Rock

It’s a fresh and innovative musical project. A completely new band. They offer a repertoire that starts from the great classics of the 50s up to the hits of the moment, all represented by a powerful and exciting show.
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Swing / Pop / Blues

Moonlight Band

A group of five guys, created by the desire to combine comedy and music, from the most bizzarre mashups to the great classics. The band offers italian and international songs in a musical voyage from the 50’s to nowaday, using original arrangements from various genres, such as: swing, pop blues, rock, and much more.